Innovative Research & Consultancy Ltd.

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Welcome! Why Choose Us?

Many market research experts work in relative isolation, whether it’s as a consultant or as a specialist at a company. With our talent pool, new ideas, methodologies and theories are being tested, refuted, proven and dis-proven every day. This ensures that your business has the greatest chance of success and will beat out your competitors.

Innovative Research & Consultancy Ltd. provides clear and actionable reporting on a regular basis.

Innovative Research & Consultancy Ltd. has grown largely through referrals as providing outstanding results and customer service is something we consider essential in any project – no matter how big or small.

Our Vision

To be a partner, valuable clients associates and stakeholders by assisting and providing them with insights to reduce risk in any decision making process.

Our Mission

To continuously innovate and leverage technology to bring cost effective and quality solutions to clients.

To acquire, retain and build long-term relationship with key stakeholders.